Project Description

  • Ongoing project to renovate and maintain the AHUs VAVs FCUs, radiators all new ductwork and piping, with all-new controls and commissioning.
  • Installed new Seismic restrain system to protect the mechanical systems from potential earthquakes.
  • Designed and installed self-contained 100% O/A HVAC system, with an all-new air handler, duct work, controls, TAB and commissioned the system as per the government rules and regulations.
  • Replaced the ductwork and exhaust system of the isolation rooms, following the OSHA government agency codes and regulations.
  • Installed a new AC system for the MRI unit as per design.
  • Replaced two 50 tons air handlers and all the permitter heat at the executive offices, replaced all the ductwork and piping, installed Siemens controls, and commissioned the system.